The bank of River Arno, since the 13th century, is the home to the finest quality leather in the world, Santa Croce Sull’Arno. Flowing through the heart of Tuscany, Arno encapsulates the spirit and creativity of Tuscany. Arno by Intellio represents the tradition and artisanship that is synonymous with Tuscany leather goods. Each piece in the collection – made unique by artisan manufacturing traditionally associated with Florence and Tuscany – becomes a piece of a life lived, a sign of style, a travel companion that expresses the new millennium with a spirit to mark their excellence.


Make a lasting impression by showcasing your taste with the two tone Intellio credit and business card holder. Individually hand-crafted, the holder is made of vegetable tanned Italian calfskin leather in true Tuscany style. The holder features slots for three credit cards, while gusseted pocket allows you to hold a good number of cards and the extra slip pocket can be used to elegantly hold the business cards you receive.


Leather: Italian Full Grain Calfskin
Dimension: 7.3 x 11 cm
Packaging: Luxury Gift Packaging

+ taxes, as applicable

About Leather

A Tuscan leather product is the result of centuries of experience in the Tuscan leather and tanning tradition. For all our creation we use a vegetable tanned aniline full grain cowhide. Once the skin has been tanned, a color finish is applied to our own exacting specifications, for a smoother, deeper and more refined look. This involves adding oils and colored polishes to coat the top layers of the skins. Each skin is therefore slightly different, as always with hand-finished leathers, which is why you may find slight differences in shade from one product to the next. Nonetheless, our controls ensure all leathers meet our quality criteria, both in terms of color and feel. Over time, the hide will acquire a unique patina as it takes in natural oils and is polished by repeated handling.



Intellio’s leather craftsmen and women specialise in working with the finest leathers, in accordance with Tuscan standards. What makes Intellio accessories unique and highly prized is not just the superior quality leathers used, but, above all, the meticulous craftsmanship used to transform them. Every single piece is made into an exclusive design in keeping with ancient Florentine traditions, in order to achieve all-Italian excellence of the finest kind.  The wallet is hand sewn using a traditional technique known as saddle stitching. Edges are hand-painted, burnished, and buffed. 
Every single holder is carefully checked, tested, and approved before arriving in our stores or being packaged in our beautiful boxes to be delivered to you.