The opulence of renaissance art, science, and culture is a testament of human excellence and timeless elegance as it defined European legacy as we know it. The collection becomes an expression of our embrace of heritage and history as we combine our legacy of crafting fine writing instruments with skills passed down through generations. Pen your legacy, mark your excellence with Intellio's Renaissance.


A showcase of timeless elegance of European design and craftsmanship, This classic Intellio Renaissance effortlessly combines lust of gold with the sheen of the evergreen black. A writing instrument that will stand the test of time with you!


Material: Brass
Trim: Gold
Refill: Intellio Safety Roller Refill
Length: 135 mm
Weight: 38.00 gr
Packaging: Standard
Mechanism: Twist To Open

+ taxes, as applicable

RENAISSANCE - The Rich Tradition of Excellence

Renaissance was a cultural movement that transitioned the world towards modernity. A pinnacle of human excellence, renaissance laid the foundation and gave impetus to a revolution across art, literature, music, science, and politics that would go on for centuries. The phrase "withstand the test of time" is embodied in the masterpieces created during this era, leaving generation after generation awestruck by their sheer beauty and excellence. The renaissance left an everlasting impact and the legacy of the people who spearheaded it lives on through their work.