A confluence of heritage techniques and contemporary silhouettes, Mystique’s rare design stands out for its allure, the depth of color in the all-over satin-matte finish underpins the plated trims two fascinating finishes. Born out of the creativity and experience of our design team and master artisans, Mystique combines the skills of the lacquerers and goldsmiths to create a timeless writing instrument. The fountain pen features a hand-fitted nib with an advanced feed system, while the roller features the most advanced refill, both delivering unmatched smoothness and a pleasurable German writing experience.


The deep marine blue precious matte lacquer surmounted by the highly detailed emblem, handcrafted steel nib, the three chrome-plated rings, and chrome-plated clip in a combination of two distinct yet complementary finishes combined with an intricate 12 facet barrel make it a distinctive design icon. Experience traditional values of Intellio with modern design elements and unravel the mystery of mystique.


Material: Brass
Trim: Chrome
Nib: Steel 
Length: 145 mm
Weight: 46 gr
Packaging: Standard Gift Box
Mechanism: Twist To Open

Nib Sizes

+ taxes, as applicable

The Philosophy

Mystique is designed and built with exceptional levels of technical and artistic accomplishment. The mystery of mystique only unravels in hands of its owner. At Intellio, we strive to enhance and reinterprets classic codes with audacity. Building on the excellent craftsmanship, the brand continues to evolve, reinventing itself without ever compromising its search for timelessness. Each new style, new series, new detail of manufacturing is conceived in its workshops to offer the modern audience a companion in their pursuit of excellence.

The Process

The intricate 12 facet design is created by an engine turning process , one of our oldest and most treasured crafting techniques. Overlaid with sumptuously colored matte lacquer, the result is simply spectacular. Our artisans add layers of natural lacquer over a month long process involving many applications and polishing to impart depth to each finish.