Special Edition Rhein

At the heart of the world's epicenter of premium writing instruments, flows a river which encapsulates the culture and heritage of the land it represents. The perfect symbiosis of classic elegance and sophisticated quality, the Special Edition Rhein is a manifestation of that German legacy of crafting fine writing instruments. Experience a combination of expertise and craftsmanship in one fascinatingly smooth writing experience.


One of the most beautiful and timeless renditions of the elusive grey, the pen adopts the classic sleek shape of the Intellio Rhein.


Material: Brass
Trim: Matte Chrome
Refill: Black, Intellio easyFlow Refill
Length: 134 mm
Weight: 30.00 gr
Packaging: Two Piece Box
Mechanism: Smooth Twist

+ taxes, as applicable
Rhein has been a cornerstone of European civilization, seeing countless settlements and forts along its bank across centuries. With the evolution of society, the river became an intrinsic part of people's lives with trade and movement all routed through it. References to the river are prevalent in art, literature, and sculptures across the world, a testament to the impact of the river. Eternalized in german folklore with works like "Die Wacht am Rhein," the river is a symbol of German nationalism. From the Roman era to date, Rhein continues to influence lives and culture