Intellio decided to explore new boundaries and try a change in perspective, go beyond tradition, and challenge conventional form. Impressionism & the post-impressionism era of art served as the cornerstone in our ideation of the pen as we combined geometry and nature. The series adopts a hexagonal shape with the Starry Night series, Van Gogh’s crown jewel, being the inspiration behind the silhouettes of the pen.


An expression of startling imagination, Intellio demonstrates heritage techniques & craftsmanship in creating this iconic masterpiece. The silhouettes complemented by the unique shape express unique elements of nature. Intellio’s Jewel represents an appreciation for the unconventional!


Material: Brass
Trim: Chrome
Refill: Intellio Safety Roller Refill
Length: 138 mm
Weight: 52.00 gr
Packaging: Standard
Mechanism: Twist To Open

+ taxes, as applicable

Jewel - The Shining Aura of Excellence

The perplexing simplicity and complexity of nature were one of the driving forces behind the rise of Post Impressionism Art. Artists’ use of shapes and colors marked the dawn of a new age of unconventional art that defied perception of then prevailing art. We chose Hexagon, which appears throughout nature in mesmerizing ways, as the base of our design in our adaptation of Post Impressionism Art. The use of thick colors to show the beauty of nature by Van Gogh, one of the pioneers of the movement, inspired the silhouettes of Intellio’s Jewel: Starry Blue & Starry Black.