Culture and craftsmanship

Intellio Brand Heritage & Values

Every moment we are on a constant quest of excellence in a world with unlimited possibilities, in a world which knows no boundaries, in a world where everyone writes their destiny; Mark Your Excellence with Intellio.

Global Brand

Based in Germany, the world’s epicenter of fine writing instruments, our home is our inspiration and remains a driving force behind everything we do as a brand. We combine our legacy with our shared history and heritage with the entirety of Europe. Geometric shapes & patterns of architecture, the color palette of artists, stories of individuals, and cultural movements from across Europe have influenced our designs and aesthetics. Intellio’s writing instruments become an expression of the legacy and culture that inspires us while representing continued excellence.

Brand Heritage Values

At Intellio our respect for our tradition stems right from our identity and a peacock feather forms the basis of it. We are all familiar with the feather quills used centuries ago to write but peacock feather has bigger meaning to it. Across cultures and civilizations it has stood as a symbol of knowledge, patience and represents the ability thrive when faced with adversity; all quintessential in our quest for excellence. Intellio is a manifestation of our storied past and contemporary future. The lower part of the logo takes the shape of a pen tip to reflect what we do & represent as a brand.

Brand Heritage Values

Aesthetics and quality are cornerstones of our products and being instrumental in enabling our customers & world around us as cornerstone of our ethics. We are convinced that company’s ethics need to interwind with what it creates and how it does so. We conceive of aesthetics in broad terms; as culture, creative freedom, space and time for thought, imagination, and emotion. We conceive quality in a profound way; as a careful and attentive vision of the whole and the details, both in the things we make and the relations we enjoy and propense. Intellio’s writing instruments transcend material value and gets a soul from owner’s quest of excellence to become a medium of expression of his own thoughts, feelings & aspirations.

Brand Heritage Values